About Glitchin' Glam

Glitchin' Glam is a rave clothing shop that specializes in ethical clothing handmade in Sacramento, CA.

The store was created by Lauren Rice when she was a Sacramento State student and collegiate gymnast. Throughout her career, she learned that gymnastics teaches women to conform, to act as if they are judged, and to try to be perfect. Lauren, however, never wanted to conform and wasn't looking to appeal to the judges. While other gymnasts had lyrical, graceful routines, she aimed to entertain the audience through mainstream dances and comedy. Her self-expression became her passion. Although she couldn't change her uniform, she started coloring her hair and wearing wacky styles that nobody had ever seen in gymnastics. Her dance moves became more and more outrageous, and the crowd was loving it. Soon enough, her joy for dance translated to the music festival scene. She began going to EDM events any chance she had. The rave scene was full of loving, confident, and unique people like her, and she knew she wanted to spread this positivity to the rest of the world. In her senior year, she began Glitchin' Glam. She knew self-confidence, expression, and love are the most important things a woman can have, and she knew the rave scene plays an important role in many women's journey to find them. She created Glitchin' Glam as a store that will always promote body positivity, and uniqueness. She wanted every customer to become part of our family and to feel as loved as she did at her first rave.

...Glam that's a little bit Glitchin'...