Zoom Backgrounds That Make You Feel Like You're Actually at a Rave

Zoom Backgrounds That Make You Feel Like You're Actually at a Rave

With the closing of recent festivals and small shows due to COVID-19, Zoom has become a popular group video-conferencing program. Zoom allows for users to upload their own backgrounds during calls. So, we decided to make a few for you to use to make those boring video chats almost as fun as a festival. 

1. EDC Mainstage

EDC mainstage zoom background

2. Your campsite, where you remember all those times you couldn't sleep.

EDM Campground Zoom Background

3. The medical tent

festival medical tent zoom background

4. Rezz, because she's queen...

rezz dj zoom background

5. Those super cool LED stick lights that were at Countdown and Burning Man

LED Rave stick lights rainbow zoom background

6. The water station

hydration station, water station edm festival rave zoom background


7. Hanging out on the rail with the fam

girls on the rave edm festival mainstage rail zoom background

8. Don't know how to glove? You do now.

gloving light show edm festival zoom background

Click here to learn how to upload your own zoom backgrounds with this tutorial

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