What to Get Your Rave Bae For a Special Occasion

What to Get Your Rave Bae For a Special Occasion


1. Light Up Toys

fiberflies pixel whip - what to buy your boyfriend or girlfriend for the holidays

There are a bunch of fun light up toys to buy for your significant other for festival season, including a pixelwhip, levitation wand, light up gloves, and poi, starting as low as $25! You can find all of these on Emazing Light's website!

2. Fanny Pack

 assorted fanny packs for your significant other for the holidays. presents to get your rave girlfriend

You can find fanny packs nearly everywhere these days. Find one that suits your significant other and if you want to make it more personal, stuff it with some of their favorite festival essentials like chap stick, gum, Boom Boom or vicks, kandi, socks, etc.

3. Hydration Backpack

 2L medium vibedration hydration rave backpack - gifts to buy your rave boyfriend or girlfriend

Hydration backpacks are a necessity for festivals and they come in so many styles and quirky prints. My favorite brands are Vibedration and Dan-pak.

4. Anything with their favorite DJ on it.

 avicii tshirt from etsy

You guys obviously met at some form of event and I'm sure you know who their favorite artist is, so get them something that resembles that artist. You can get t-shirts, hats, face masks, stickers, blankets, etc.

5. A portable speaker

 jbl portable speaker for festivals

Portable speakers are great for traveling (esp. to music festivals), and you both share the love for music. If he/she doesn't already have a nice portable speaker, this would be a really great gift -- granted this would be a more expensive gift. Some great brands are JBL and Beats.

6. Zound Earplugs

zound earplugs. dampen the sound at festivals without ruining the quality of sound 

Music festivals are extremely loud, and after years of going your hearing will worsen. Protect your bf/gf's ears with Zound Earplugs. Zound earplugs are a type of earplug that dampens the decibel level while preserving the quality of music. They are also awesome cause you'll still be able to hear your friends mid-show if they try to say something to you!

7. Disposable cameras -- if she just never seems to remember, help her remember lol.

disposable kodak cameras for a festival. create memories with your significant other 

Have those memories last a life time! Give your rave bae a couple of disposable cameras for your next event and develop them all for him/her when you get back home!

8. Secret Stash Car Key

 secret stash car key for hiding drugs, money and valuables through security at festivals

This secret stash car key will come in handy many more times than you'd think --  especially at a camping festival when your stuff is left unattended for hours on end and when you want to bring in that small thing that is not allowed through security...

9. A mixtape of her favorite music

old school mixtape cassette tape for car - cute things to give your boyfriend or girlfriend Make the soundtrack for your loveee!!! You can make a playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, or even burn it to a CD.

10. A kandi kit

 kandi for rave - gifts to give your rave bae for the holidays

Beads can get a lot more expensive than you think! Put together a bunch of letter and specialty beads and string, or perlers, in a cute box for him/her. Then make a few that have something special spelled out on them and leave them on top for them.

11.Festival tickets

 girl intoxicated at a festival rave

Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that they

1. Are able to go to the event

2. Can afford transportation to and from the event

3. Can afford a place to stay (unless you are buying that too)

before you give them to them!!!!

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