Tips for Successful Festival Packing with Lilly Enright (@Lilly_Enright)

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Tips for Successful Festival Packing with Lilly Enright (@Lilly_Enright)


Lilly Enright (@lilly_enright) is a avid rave-goer who wanted to tell us how she packs for a festival. So here are her famous TIPS N' TRICKS to packing successfully for a music festival.

TIP #1: Always start by putting your shoes at the bottom.

Lilly Enright - How to pack shoes to maximize space in your bag for a rave or music festival

When you go to a music festival, you're destined to bring more than one pair of shoes -- from your insane platform boots to your recovery slippers when your feet are actually going to fall off.

TIP #2: Do NOT forget extra pasties and face gems

Lilly enright rave girl wearing lunautics gem pasties and face jewels

Lilly loves her face gems and pasties (her favorite brand is Lunautics,) and she could not survive a festival without them. So, when she's packing, she brings twice the amount, cause ya never know!!! To pack them easily she likes to put all of her accessories in a little baggie and put them in the pockets between the shoes so they don't get lost.

TIP #3: Stay hydrated with a hydration pack.

2L medium vibedration hydration rave backpack worn by Lilly Enright

You've heard it a million times, but seriously! Remember to bring a hydration pack so that you don't have to be bumming water off people around you all night or spending $8 on a water bottle. Her favorite brand for hydration packs is Vibedration.

TIP #4: Bring a portable charger. (& actually charge it before you leave!)

light pink fluff ball portable chargers, festival packing essentials

Portable chargers are a life saver, whether it's for you, a friend, or a stranger who lost their whole crew. We HATE running around the festival with 1%. (


Smiley face rain ponchos, packing festival essentials for every weather

It's so easy. Just check the weather. Just because you're going to California doesn't mean it's going to be sunny and 80 degrees... Check the weather. If you need to bring a rain coat, then do it! Always remember it's better to be comfortable than a fashionista -- but it's even better to be both.

TIP #5: Bring snacks!

complete cookies chocolate chip - rave and festival food essentials

Festival food is soooo expensive. The easiest way to get around that? Bring your own! Lilly absolutely loves Complete Cookies. They're "her life." (

TIP #6: Pack socks!

Lilly enright, rave girl in thigh high sporty socks, all black look

This one seems so simple, but the one time you forget socks you might as well call yourself the queen of blisters. So, don't forget them! And if you want to be extra prepared, bring band aids (although you can always get them for free at the med tent)!

TIP #7: Don't forget your outfits and some extra clothes, but more importantly DON'T OVER PACK!

over stuffed suitcase, packing essentials tips and tricks to packing for a festival

Most of the time when you go to a festival, you don't even bother unpacking your suitcase. I mean, it's 2 days... do you really need to? The answer is no, unless you over packed! Over packing makes it so difficult to find what you need -- especially if it's that one necklace that you threw in last minute that somehow made its way to the bottom of the bag, UGH. So don't bring all that extra junk!

Thank you to Lilly Enright for helping us out with this vlog! Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her, and make sure to find & say hi her at your next event!



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