Recycle your empty JUUL Pods: How to Save The World One Pod at a Time

Recycle your empty JUUL Pods: How to Save The World One Pod at a Time

The youth e-cigarette use epidemic, driven in large part by the top-selling e-cigarette JUUL, has been noted as a public health crisis by officials everywhere. But what no officials are bringing to light is that e-cigarettes are highly harmful to the environment.

JUUL pods are made from single-use plastics, which means that JUUL itself is asking people to simply throw the pods away after they're sucked dry. Their website states that pods "can be thrown away in a regular trash can." After looking into the company's website, we noticed that it doesn't include any clear information about recycling, though it notes that its pods should not be refilled or reused. So you can't refill them, reuse them, or recycle them in any way, according to JUUL. And, sadly, they're right. Since JUUL pods contain toxic materials, due to the juice, no recycling company knows what to do with them. They're technically hazardous waste... 

Earther stated, "the company reported selling 175 million refill pod kits in the first quarter of this year alone, a huge increase from 64 million sold the same period the previous year. Each refill contains two to four pods, so that’s easily over a billion and as many as two billion little squares of plastic going into the trash each year. Lined up, those discarded pods would easily stretch from New York to Los Angeles"

E-cigarettes are particularly popular at music festivals, and after scoping the grounds at the end of a long night, you'll notice hundreds of empty JUUL Pods. That's hundreds of little pieces of plastic that can't be recycled or reused... until now!

Glitchin' Glam has created new Pod Earrings, filled with glitter and confetti. These earrings are made from recycled, empty JUUL pods. Each pod is sanitized, refurbished, and sealed in our shop and shipped to you! 

Interested in recycling your old JUUL pods? Help us save the environment, and we will reward you! For every 5 JUUL Pods we receive, you will earn $1 towards your next purchase. Learn how here!

Glitchin' Glam in no way supports or condoles the usage of e-cigarettes or
JUUL products. All Pods are sanitized before usage.

*Note: We only accept name brand JUUL Pods.


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  • Steve Kaufman

    Because I didn’t know what to do with my used Juul Pods, I’ve save them and stowed them away in boxes. I have hundreds of them. I’m not interested in getting reimbursed; I just want to get rid of them. Can I send them to you? If so, please let me know how.
    Steve K.

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