Dancefestopia Review: Why You Should Go To DFT 2020

Dancefestopia Review: Why You Should Go To DFT 2020

Dancefestopia, also known as DFT or Dancefest, is a remarkable 3-day camping EDM Festival in Kansas City. I have never been to a festival with so many kind-hearted individuals. It was a true PLUR experience, and it is jam packed with big headliners and new talent for dirt cheap. f you haven’t been to this festival, I highly recommend you do, and here is why:


DFT, the festival, is CHEAP! DFT tickets start at $99 for a 3-day pass (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Camping, however, starts at $129 per person. It is not camping per campsite; it is per person, and there is no going around that. If you’d like to add a Thursday camping and pre-party pass, that is an additional purchase, which I think was about $50 more.

Is camping worth it? We did our research before attending and found out that many people had nicknamed Dancefestopia “Mudfestopia” because the previous few years had rained and made the campgrounds wildly muddy. The festival offers above-ground camping, where they set up an elevated tent for you, because of the complaints in the past— but this is more expensive. Also, camping was NOT car-side camping, although they are adding it as an option for DFT 2020. This means, if you choose regular camping, you’ll need to bring a cart of some sort so you can 'one-trip' all of your campgear to your spot. Don’t forget to get to the campgrounds early because it’s first come first serve on camp spots, and you’ll want to get the high ground in case it rains! Because of these things, we opted to stay in an airbnb 20 min away instead. Our airbnb ended up being $80 total split between us and we got to shower, which we think was worth missing out on the camping experiences. 2019 only rained one day, which actually caused the festival to get shut down 2 hours early on Saturday. I didn’t hear of any complaints of the campgrounds being too muddy this year, but the festival grounds did have a few muddy spots that absolutely destroyed my shoes. I don’t recommend wearing white!!!

If you choose not to camp, parking is $30 for the entire weekend, and since most people camp, the lot is easy to navigate, enter, and exit. There is only one path in and out, but we never waited in a line. Walking into the festival was so easy, that it was almost confusing. The first day I walked in, I was going to film the entryway to the festival only to accidentally somehow end up at the main stage with Truly’s in my hands and nobody checking my wristband. We didn’t even know where security was on the first day... we had walked right past it. BUT, we spoke to a bunch of campers and all of them said the exact opposite about the camping entrance. They said security coming from the campgrounds was very strict and full-searched each person.


Shopping & Food

There were so many cute, unique shops set up along the perimeter of the the main stage. As a brand owner, I try to shop at every festival I go to to support, discover and explore. Dancefestopia had one of the best shopping experiences (Hopefully Glitchin’ Glam will be one of them next year!!)

Food there was unbeatable. There were a large variety of food trucks and food booths to fill all your cravings. I got a fried PB&J one day and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since...


The venue is absolutely beautiful. Grass all around, large trees, and a lake right next to the main stage. DFT brought in exquisite art installations and fun things you wouldn’t expect (like a giant flamingo raft!!) One of the greatest art installations was giant wooden letters spelling out “DANCEFESTOPIA,” BUT we never even saw it written out as “dancefestopia.” Every time we walked by, somebody had rearranged the letters to say something funny! I got a kick out of this every time I walked past.

The weather was warm and slightly cloudy, making the weekend feel like a dream. My only complaint on location was that the first day we were there, we got a lot of mosquito bites on our walk back to the car — but only the walk back to the car (??). Nevertheless, we applied bug spray before heading into the festival grounds the next 2 days and were fine.

There are 3 stages at DFT. The main stage (Emerald Stage), a smaller stage (Lollipop Stage) and a stage meant for occasional music and enlightenment activities such as yoga, fire dancing etc. (Rekinection Stage). The festival begins at about 3 PM every day and runs until 5 or 6 AM. But here’s the catch... the main stage (Emerald Stage) ends at midnight every night. So, at midnight, everyone files into the little stage (Lollipop Stage) and continues to party until the day is over. It’s still a lot of fun, but the production of the Lollipop stage does not even come close to the Emerald Stage.

The People

I have no other words to describe this festival other than chill vibes. Everyone was there to dance, make friends, share their love, and make memories. Even security was kind, which isn’t usually the case. Half the people were flowing and laying in the large plot of grass at the Emerald stage, while the other half was going hard at the rail. If you want to experience what the EDM community is really about, I recommend Dancefestopia as a must-have.

Tickets for DFT 2020 go on sale Black Friday for $99!!! We’ll be there. Will you?

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