9 Halloween Rave Outfit Ideas

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9 Halloween Rave Outfit Ideas

Halloween festivals have become more prominent throughout the years, and what better way to celebrate the spooky season than with your favorite DJ's? BUT, it's difficult to find just the right outfit for Halloween, let alone a Halloween festival -- So, lucky for you, we put together this video with simple costume ideas that you can probably make with the rave-wear you already have!

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Don't feel like watching the video? Here are the outfits:

1. School Girl (Clueless)

As if!! This is a classic look from the classic movie clueless! All you really need is some plaid (preferably yellow). Seeing as yellow plaid is SO in style right now, it should be easier than ever to cop this look. To make this costume really PoP!, add some white thigh highs, a white backpack, and an old school flip phone!

yellow plaid two piece outfit for raves and festivals, similar to the 90s movie, Clueless.

Clueless Buckled In Bralette - Glitchin' Glam

Clueless Gemini Bottoms - Glitchin' Glam

White Thigh Highs - Spirit Halloween

2. Tinkerbell (Fairy)

This cute lil fairy character never gets old! (literally? somebody look that up for me) Get yourself a neon green outfit and some wings and then you are done! Fortunately, we sell both of those things *wink wink*.

lime green fairy costume for raves or festivals, similar to tinkerbell.

Lemon-Lime Tube Top - Glitchin' Glam

Lemon-Lime Classic Bottoms - Glitchin' Glam

Lemon-Lime Wings - Glitchin' Glam

Lemon-Lime Flirt Skirt - Glitchin' Glam

Blonde Bob Wig - Spirit Halloween

3. Ninja

Latex? Ski mask? Um.. yes. If you have ever wanted to be the mysterious type, then this outfit is for YOU. To dress up as a sexy ninja, you need a mask, and some sort of weapon -- keep in mind, you probably can't bring a weapon into a music festival. But, sais or nunchucks would be perfect!

Sexy ninja costume designed with red latex rave, festival co-ord with arm sleeves and ski mask.

Latexxx O-Ring Bralette - Glitchin' Glam

Latexxx High Waisted Bottoms - Glitchin' Glam

Balaclava - Glitchin' Glam

Fingerless Opera Gloves - Glitchin' Glam

Sais (Swords) - Evangelines (a costume store in Sacramento, CA)

4. Bunny of the Night

Don't just be a basic bunny for Halloween this year! Dress up as a dark, mysterious, and best of all GLITTERY bunny! Find yourself some bunny ears and deck yourself out in all black! Then, glitter, glitter, glitter!

sexy all black bunny costume for raves or festivals

Bunny Mask - Spirit Halloween

Midnight One Shoulder Crop Top - Glitchin' Glam

Midnight Classic Bottoms - Glitchin' Glam

Midnight Fingerless Opera Gloves - Glitchin' Glam

Boots - Demonia

5. Racecar Driver

This costume is for the girls who go 10,000 mph at festivals. No need to slow down this time; go full speed ahead with all the checkerboard clothing you have! You can go for a yellow or red complementary color with this costume and then make sure you're ready to vroom vroom alll night ;-)

Flag girl costume designed with checkerboard flame festival tube top and super high waisted red bottoms

Blazing Tube Top - Glitchin' Glam

Volcano High Rise Buckle Bottoms - Glitchin' Glam

Fishnets - Romwe

Glasses - Romwe

Bandana - Target

6. Sheriff (Cowgirl)

Can I get a yeehaw!? Getcha cowboy hat, ya cowboy boots, and your gingham print and let's get rowdy! You can add a fake gun (probably just for pics, cuz ya know... security), holsters, chaps, and a bolo tie to make you go from 0 to straight-up Cowgirl! Now work on saying "Howdy, Partna" in a southern accent and you're good to go!

Pink gingham sexy cowboy costume for halloween raves and festivals

Jolene Suspended Tank Top - Glitchin' Glam

Jolene Classic Bottoms - Glitchin' Glam

Bolo Tie - Evangeline's

Gun - Evangeline's

7. Madam

Do you want to: A. Be queen of the fuckboys B. count stacks all night or C. A&B???  Did you say C!? Knew it... Gather all the dollar sign, gold jewelry, and fur you have. Then, pick up a hat with a large, flat rim. For bonus points, stuff money in your top!

Dolla Billz Bodysuit - Glitchin' Glam

Farmer's Hat - Spirit Halloween

Dollar Sign Jacket - Thrift Store

Gold Chain Choker - Thrift Store

Gold Chain Belt - Thrift Store

money one shoulder bodysuit for pimpstress rave or festival halloween costume.

8. Tiger

Basically, this outfit is just a template for almost all animal costumes! First, find the animal-print outfit you love, and then get yourself some matching ears! We got ours from Kritter Klips -- we HIGHLY recommend their ears! They're super lightweight, and they actually stay on your head. Astounding. & if you want to make this costume even more fun, get yourself a collar or a leash for kitty outfits!

tiger print bodysuit for a tiger rave or festival halloween costume. Paired with kritter klips

Tiger Plunge Bodysuit - Glitchin' Glam

Dominatrix Body Harness - Glitchin' Glam

Thigh High Fishnets - Spirit Halloween

Kitty Ears - Kritter Klips

9. 70's Hippie

This groovy matching tie dye set is so easy to bring to life! Get some Ozzy Osbourne or kaleidoscope glasses and bring back that (dreadful) peace sign selfie. After all, you can't be PLUR without peace, right? Have some suede fringe moccasins from 2004 in the back of your closet? Perfect! Grab those and a flower crown, and you are rave ready!

tie dye two piece co-ord with flower headband for a halloween rave or festival hippie costume

Tied Up Tube Top - Glitchin' Glam

Tied Up High Waisted Bottoms - Glitchin' Glam

Daisy Headband - Evangeline's

Circle Glasses - Spirit Halloween

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